The Audition Day for our upcoming Panto production of Beauty And The Beast has been offically announced.

We will be looking for a talented cast – this means YOU!

All the information you will need can be found on the Audition Information page.


At the top you will find the official paperwork alongside the forms you need to fill in if you wish to audition. There are also Character Notes to help you choose which part you would like to audition for.


The audition pieces contain the dialogue for each character and below that, the lyrics for the songs you will need to sing. Details of which song you will need to sing can be found in the Character Notes document.


Finally you can click the available link to hear audio tracks – with and without a guide vocal line – that will allow you to practice to your heart’s content.


Auditions will be held on Sunday 21 July; deadlines for applications is Friday 12 July.


Send in your form and you will be allocated an audition time nearer the day. Being there in person is always best, but if for any reason you cannot be there, you can record yourself and submit a video.


Between now and then do please prepare. The standard and competition will be great and we want to see you at your best!

It is your time to shine, so break a (furry) leg!